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Peri and Menopause Course sneak peak

3 x Cartoon characters, one is short haired no-binary person with short hair, the second is a brown haired woman in black top and the third is red-haired woman in purple top.

WELCOME – A dummy’s guide to Peri and Menopause while working

LESSON 1 – Why is menopause a workplace issue?

LESSON 2 – What is peri and menopause?

LESSON 3 – This too shall pass

SUMMARY – A dummy’s guide to Peri and Menopause while working

QUIZ – Test your knowledge: How much do you know about menopause?

WELCOME – All the symptoms and all the solutions

LESSON 4 – Peri and menopause symptoms at work

LESSON 5 – Treatment options

LESSON 6 – Let’s look at depression and brain fog

SUMMARY – All the symptoms and all the solutions

QUIZ – Test your knowledge: Symptoms and treatments

WELCOME – Be their biggest fan: How to change the workplace forever

LESSON 7 – Simple ways workplaces can help

LESSON 8 – Removing stigma in the workplace

LESSON 9 – Asking for help and offering to help

SUMMARY – Be their biggest fan: How to change the workplace forever

QUIZ – Test your knowledge: What do workplaces need to do?

How does our training help?

Many women in midlife are unhappy at work and are leaving the workforce due to their menopause symptoms. Hot flushes, brain fog, anxiety and a crisis in confidence are the hallmarks of menopause, one of the last remaining taboo subjects. One in 4 women takes time off work during their middle years for a peri or menopause problem, but only one in three reveals why.

DON’T SWEAT IT is a comprehensive, results-focused Solution for workplaces looking to retain and improve the lives of their midlife workforce. DON’T SWEAT IT is designed for both men and women, sufferers and their colleagues, bosses and employees.

The course delivers simple and practical, ways to help women experiencing peri and menopause symptoms. And help their workplaces to help meet their needs, retaining their key employees. It follows Dutch data showing that a broad based menopause-focused work program saw wellbeing and workplace performance improve.

The online course is made up of three modules. Each 20-minute module comprises 3 short video lessons, a quiz to test your knowledge as well as fact sheets and resources.

Online training options for all team sizes

$159 +GST

$159.00 per seat

Flying solo

When accounts, HR, marketing and CEO is all you – we have your back.


$143.10 per seat

Small but mighty

If you’re a staff of two or a mother ship to 49 keen beans, this is your jam.


$119.25 per seat

The middle man

More than 50 but less than 99 incredible worker bees in your company? We’ve got you covered.


$95.40 per seat

Corporate with a conscience

Got more than 100 staff on your books? Arm your people with the right tools by picking this bad boy.

Cartoon character of woman in black top and green dress wearing a yellow superhero cape with left arm raised toward the sky depicting success following completion of the peri and menopause online course.

Optional extras

If you are interested in our other services, we can offer;

1 hour webinar or in person presentation with Dr Ginni and Shelly. We have a range of customizable webinars including presentation and time for questions.
A peri and menopause policy at work. The most up to date, best practice consulting and advice.
Establishment of menopause peer to peer networks and menopause mentor training

Why your workplace needs to address peri and menopause

Women of typical menopausal age are the fastest growing demographic in the workplace. Most women will experience symptoms that directly impact their ability to perform at work.

UK research shows that 10% women with peri- and menopause symptoms leave the workforce altogether. Twice as many consider it. These are women who are at the peak of their experience and earning potential.

The same UK data suggests that of those who stay on in their job, 14% reduce their hours or work part time and 8% either avoid a promotion or actively ask for a demotion.

Research from Australia shows the worse the peri- and menopause-related symptoms, the less engaged women feel at work, the less satisfied with their job, the greater their intention to quit their job and the lower their commitment to the organisation.

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Are you in menopause hell?

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cartoon character of red haired woman repeated 3 times, first instance is holding both arms up to her head, the second instance is looking confused and third instance rubbing eyes while crying because she is experiencing the symptoms of peri and menopause with no support at her workplace
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