Peri & Menopause in the Workplace

Your one-stop shop for a menopause friendly workplace

Dr Ginni Mansberg and Shelly Horton
Cartoon characters of 3 cultural diverse women supporting each other and booking the dont sweat it peri and menopause course.

Why you need it, now!

A menopause friendly work place makes sense

Women experiencing peri and menopause-related symptoms are craving knowledge and awareness specifically within the workplace.

Organisations we have worked with

What makes us so special?

We are your Peri and Menopause God Mothers after all!

360 degree menopause course

360 degree

We have created a 360-degree solutions-based service incorporating a world-first online course, in-person events, webinars, policy development, immersive offsite experiences and executive health checks.

Science based

Based entirely on best practice and guidelines from the Australasian and International Menopause Societies.

Inspiring menopause course


As TV presenters, Shelly and Dr Ginni bring both the science and the fun in an approachable way!

cropped cartoon character of non-binary person with short black hair speaking on a mobile phone about the peri and menopause courses available at Don't Sweat It

Cost effective

At less than $95 a head*, the online course is great value.

How we help - peri and menopause

DON’T SWEAT IT is a 360 degree solution to make your workplace peri and menopause friendly.

We have created a world first online education course for all staff members. In addition we offer webinars and workshops, peri and menopause policy development, retreats and peri and menopause executive health checks.

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