Menopause Mentor Training

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Studies have shown that people experiencing peri and menopause want support from their peers…. They want menopause mentors!

They don’t want to talk about their experiences with their bosses or even with HR professionals. But they do want credible, evidence based advice! We can help!

What are menopause mentors?

Menopause mentors are people who can provide information and support to anyone in the workplace who may need it.

Menopause mentors are people who either are going through peri or menopause, those who have experienced it, or even people who just want to actively support their colleagues experiencing this stage of life. Empathy is a must, so is patience. But knowledge around peri and menopause needs to be a bit deeper to truly support those struggling with their own peri and menopause experiences.

Menopause Mentor training

Our Don’t Sweat It Menopause Mentor training session is designed to provide you with more in depth knowledge of menopause as well as internal communications skills to help support colleagues in need.

You will experience info packed sessions combining the latest up-to-date science on all aspects of Peri and Menopause. Plus the latest theory on internal communications techniques to ensure everyone feels supported.

A 6 hour jam packed day with information about all aspects of peri and menopause including

  • Hot flushes
  • Aches and pains and migraines
  • Brain fog
  • Mood changes
  • Fatigue

Plus the other 40+ symptoms attributed to peri and menopause so far.

Plus workplace communications. How to coach people experiencing peri and menopause to chat to their bosses, their direct reports, their colleagues at Friday night drinks and even their partners!

There is full flexibility. We can meet in your office if you have a spare meeting room. We can meet online if you have menopause mentors in multiple locations. Or we can meet at an external facility that we can arrange.
The session caters for up to 20 menopause mentors. More can attend on application.
Every graduate of the Menopause Mentor training day receives a personalized certificate in recognition of their training.
Yes! All menopause mentor trainees get FULL access to the Don’t Sweat It Online Workplace Peri and Menopause Course. This takes just one hour and can be done from any location, even your phone. This will be assumed knowledge for the first session of the Menopause Mentor Training.

Email to register your interest and book in a date!

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